2018: Judith Glover and Mehrnoush Latifi

Keen for a new and inspirational approach to the Masterclass, the Annemarie and Arturo Gandioli-Fumagalli Foundation arranged to send a cohort of Melbourne designers to Milan for research and collaboration.

Industrial Design Lecturer, Dr Judith Glover and former Architecture Lecturer, Dr Mehrnoush Latifi were joined by inaugural Masterclass guest, Milanese Designer Antonio Arico. They were also accompanied by research assistants, Jaki Pokrovsky and Hamish Maggs.

Dr Glover and Dr Latifi were developing methods of using parametric modelling in the ceramic production of materials such as tiles and building skins. Dr Latifi had also published a PhD discussing the development of environmentally performative surfaces to cool buildings and urban spaces, as increasing temperatures put pressure on city environments. Milan in July was the right time and place to research these solutions further with international colleagues.  

The team used the geometric conventions of Milan’s architectural history as the basis for developing parametric patternation that could inform the construction of terracotta wall systems allowing for greenery, water misting and water flow.

These ideas were transferred to Australian research projects exploring the cooling of urban environments and buildings. Further discussions also took place with Mr Arico and Italian industry partners to develop a collaboration to market.

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