2015: Carlos Mario Osman

In 2015, the Annemarie and Arturo Gandioli-Fumagalli Foundation collaborated with the RMIT Fashion Program to welcome Visiting Professor of Accessories Design at Milan’s Domus Academy, Carlos Mario Osman. Mr Osman is well-known in the fashion industry for his distinguished career in accessories design for labels including Giorgio Armani, Bally and Gianfranco Ferré.

The Masterclass focused on developing Bachelor of Fashion (Design) and Master of Design (Fashion) students’ understanding of the significance of accessories design in international fashion. Mr Osman also mentored students about future career prospects in the high and luxury fashion sector.

The outcomes and impact of this Milan-Melbourne Masterclass were significant across the RMIT Fashion programs. Students who participated in the Masterclass produced collections where accessories took a more significant and central role. Their accessories work also became more refined, reaching a standard only possible thanks to the expertise and guidance of Mr Osman.  

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